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May 18 Re-Opening for Lessons, Workouts General Information

We are pleased to slowly open our doors to athletes, coaches and workout enthusiasts.  We look forward to parents being allowed in the building in the near future.  It has been a long struggle since we had to close due to the Corona Virus pandemic in early March, but we want to make sure anyone who walks through our doors is as safe as humanly possible.

We have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the building and will continue to do so daily to ensure the safest environment possible.  We will be opening in three phases. 
Phase 1.  Performance area is open to 20 participants max per hour, individual lessons will be permitted on 5 courts, basketball will be permitted with 4 participants per court.  Showers, office area, snack bar will be closed.
Phase 2.  Performance area open to 50 participants per hour, multi player lessons available, basketball court open for team practice.  Showers, office area, snack bar will be closed.
Phase 3.  Open for business for practices, tournaments, events following governmental guidelines.

The following are the most current Phase 1 rules for participating or entering our building.

1.  You must register, sign waiver and pay on line for any activity prior to arriving at the facility.
2.  You must adhere to all governmental rules as well as the facility rules.
3.  You are required to complete the form on line.
4.  Bring your own water, mask, disinfectant and/or snacks to the facility for your lesson or your workout. 
5.  Masks are required to be worn to and from the courts or workout area.
6.  Gloves are required when working out in the training area.
7.  Coaches and staff will also need to register on line to enter the building.
8.  Coaches will work with only one player at a time.
9.  Coaches will wear masks and gloves during the lessons.
10.  Lessons will be 50 minutes long with the last 10 minutes for coach and player to clean and disinfect the balls and the area.
11.  Parents are allowed to wait in the parking area during the lessons or workouts but not in the building.
12.  Showers, office areas, snack bar and other public areas are closed currently and only 2 people are allowed in the restrooms at any one time.
13.  Please follow directions given by staff while you are in the building


18 Open: TAV 18 Black

18 USA: TAV 18 Blue

17 Open: TAV 17 Black

17 USA: TAV 17 Blue

14 USA: TAV 14 Blue


15 Aspire: TAV 15 Blue

2019 GNJC Medal Winners

2nd Place: TAV 16 Black (16 Open)

2nd Place: TAV 14 Black (14 Open)

2019 TAV Metro Program

VolleyTotz Registration

Volleytotz will run on  Monday’s from 6-7:15pm!

Volleytotz is up and running!

Please log on to for registration. 

Sessions are Tuesday night from 6pm to 7:15 at ASC facility, 2800 N I 35 East, Carrollton, Texas 75007


Tournaments at ASC

$9.00 per adults 

$5.00 for students

65 and older & children under 5 are free

Be Aware: no food , no drinks , no coolers and no outside chairs  is allowed inside the building.

2019 GJNC Qualified Teams

TAV 18 Black (Open Bid) - 4th at the Lonestar Classic/NEQ Champions

TAV 18 Blue (USA Bid) - 3rd at the Lonestar Classic

TAV 17 Black (Open Bid) - 2nd at Red Rock Rave/2nd at Lonestar/NLQ Champions

TAV 17 Blue (USA Bid) - 2nd at the MEQ/Red Rock Rave Champions/Lonestar Champions

TAV 17 Roger (American Bid) - Show Me Champions

TAV 16 Black (Open Bid) - 2nd at the MEQ/3rd at Red Rock Rave/2nd at Lonestar

TAV 16 Blue (USA Bid) - 4th at Lonestar/3rd at NLQ

TAV 15 Black (Open Bid) - 3rd at Lonestar

TAV 14 Black (Open Bid) - 2nd at the MEQ/Lonestar Champions/Northern Lights Champions

TAV 14 Blue (USA Bid) - 2nd at Lonestar/Northern Lights Champions

TAV14 Molten (American Bid) - Northern Lights Champions

TAV 13 Black (Open Bid) - 2nd at Lonestar/2nd at Northern Lights

TAV 13 Blue (USA Bid) - 2nd at Northern Lights

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