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TAV Announces Our Upcoming Coaches For 2019 Season

TAV is excited to announce our upcoming coaches for 2019 season! Number One in the United States for 5 years in a row!! It would be hard to find a club with 400 years of coaching experience outside of TAV anywhere else in the country! We are excited for our lineup with some new additions and our normal great coaching lineup.


10 Black - Bill Hoey: New to TAV, great with younger players and an outstanding track record of success!

11 Black - Larry Smith: Huge success with 11 Black last year and excited about returning 10’s and new players!

11 Blue - Christi Phillips: National Coach, Beach and Indoor Expert, Great with all the young players!

12 Black - James Turk: National Medal winning coach with a history of growth and success with 12’s!

12 Blue - Scot Harmon: Coaching 12’s for past three years with great success and teaches girls love for the game!

13 Black - Corinne Atchison: National Medal winning coach, one of the key directors at TAV and a coaching guru!

13 Blue - Bill Hoey: New to TAV, great with younger players and an outstanding track record of success!

13 Molten - Jessie Weaver: Jessie is in his second successful year with 13’s after a great 2018 season!

14 Black - Joe Jablonski: National Medal winning coach, depth of experience with volleyball and creative coaching!

14 Blue - Arthur Stanfield: National Medal winning coach, high school legend and one of the most experienced coaches!

14 Molten - Ranee Haas: Second year with 14 Molten, very successful in 2018 and involved with all clinics!

15 Black - LJ Sariego: National Medal winning coach, Coach of the Year, technical director and outstanding coach!

15 Blue - Larry Smith: National Qualifying Coach each year and successful in upsetting number one teams!

15 Molten- Jennifer Dixon: Outstanding Coach moving to TAV. Works with young players to develop for college!

16 Black - Jason Nicholson: National Medal winning coach, high school coach of the year, boisterous and aggressive coach!

16 Blue - Scott Sandel: National Qualifying Coach, great background with college, club and high school success. Great addition!

16 Molten - Tim Reimann: In his third year with TAV, produced great growth in teams the past two years!

17 Black- Ping Cao: National Medal winning Coach, one of the best coaches in the world and one of the best teachers in the US!

17 Blue - Whitney Sample: National Medal winning Coach, consistently competes and beats no. 1 teams everywhere!

17 Molten - Roger Craft: Qualifier Medalist! High energy coach with desire to improve each player and challenge them weekly!

18 Black - John Sample: National Medal winning Coach, has one of the best records for top 18’s teams in the US over the past 10 years!

18 Blue - Jason McCown: National Qualifying Coach, College coach, Club Coach and great teacher!

TAV Tryout Registration Open!! NEW TRYOUT ADDED JULY 12th

TAV 2019 Tryouts
July 5th and July 9th
Added July 12th!!!
Sign up for single or multiple sessions!
10-14's 9am - 11am and 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
15-18's 12pm-2pm and 7:30 - 9:30 pm
9 - 11 am and 6 - 8 pm All Ages

Single Session $50.00
Two Sessions $75.00
Three Sessions $100.00

All Four Sessions $125.00
Private Tryout TBS $100.00

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The TAV Volleyball App is LIVE!


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Summer Camps

VolleyTotz Registration

No Volleytotz on Tues, July 17th! Sessions will resume on Tues, July 24th!

Volleytotz is up and running!

Please log on to for registration. 

Sessions are Tuesday night from 6pm to 7:15 at ASC facility, 2800 N I 35 East, Carrollton, Texas 75007


Tournaments at ASC

$8.00 per adults 

$5.00 for students

65 and older & children under 5 are free

Be Aware: no food , no drinks , no coolers and no outside chairs  is allowed inside the building.

Concussion Testing for Baseline - All TAV players

ATTENTION TAV POTENTIAL  OR CURRENT PLAYERS:  Testing for concussion protocol is ready and is MANDATORY to be completed prior to teams being finalized for a cost of $5.00.  At TAV we are taking concussions very seriously and are endeavoring to make a safer environment for each player.  Every person completing the Concussion protocol will receive a $5.00 credit in their 2017 fees.  Testing is ready to begin immediately but must be purchased by parents for each player.  Below is the information to take the only on line test approved by the FDA.  There is also a list of FAQ's to help you through the process.  Our goal is to have each player completed by June 22, 2017 prior to Nationals.  If you have questions that aren't answered by the FAQ's please email me at!

Get you testing code HERE


2018 GJNC Medalists

TAV 18 Black - 18 Open Bronze Medalists



TAV 17 Blue  - 17 USA Gold Medalists


TAV 15 Black - 15 Open Gold Medalists


TAV 13 Black - 13 Open Gold Medalist

2018 GJNC Qualified Teams

TAV 18 Black - GJNC 18 Open Bronze Medalists/Beast of the Southeast & Lone Star Classic Open Champions (2X Qualified)

TAV 18 Blue - Lone Star Classic USA Champions & 3rd in Beast of Southeast 18 USA (2X Qualified)

TAV 17 Black - 3rd at MEQ & Lone Star Classic & Show Me NQ Champions 17 Open (3X Qualified)

TAV 17 Blue - MEQ & Lone Star Classic 17 USA Champions (2X Qualified)

TAV 16 Black - Lone Star Classic & Northern Lights 16 Open Champions & 2nd at MEQ 16 Open (3X Qualified)

TAV 16 Blue - NTR Regionals (National Bid)

TAV 15 Black -  NEQ & Lone Star Classic 15 Open Champions & 3rd at Colorado Crossroads 15 Open  (3X Qualified)

TAV 15 Blue - 2nd at PNQ & 4th at Lone Star Classic 15 USA (2X Qualified)

TAV 14 Black - NEQ 14 Open Champions, 3rd at Lonestar 14 Open (2X Qualified)

TAV 14 Blue - NEQ 14 USA Champions, 2nd at Lonestar 14 USA (2X Qualified)

TAV 13 Black - NEQ & Lonestar 13 Open Champions (2X Qualified)

TAV 13 Blue - NTR Regionals (American Bid)

TAV 12 Black - NTR Regionals (National Bid)

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