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VolleyTotzs (3 1/2 - 8 year olds ONLY)
Mini Volleyball (8 - 12 yrs)
Brazilian Mini League (7-10 year olds)

Volleytotz is designed to begin an athletic adventure for any young player 3 to 9 years old. Regardless of the shape, size or athleticism of the young athlete this program is designed to work big muscles and begin the hand-eye coordination efforts to enjoy athletics.

This is NOT strictly designed for volleyball, although it is a perfect starting point. Rather, it is designed to encourage the players to participate in a sport and ready them for the next level.

Current Volleytotz & Mini VB Sessions

(All sessions will be held at ASC)

To Register please email John Sample with your information.

Wondering what goes on during a TolleyTotz or MiniTotz Session? Take a look at the pics below to get a peek!