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TRYOUTS FOR 10-11-12-13'S
We still have a few openings in 10's, 11's, 12 Molten  and 13 Advantage
Tryout Times 10am-12pm on September 23rd at ASC
2-4pm on September 24th at ASC

Missed sizing: Email for a time. 

                                             ATTENTION TAV PARENTS                                         


September 23, 2017 (10’s through 13’s)    September 30, 2017 (14’s and 15’s)

9:00 am                12 Black                             9:00 am             14 Black
12 Blue                                                           14 Blue
12 Molten                                                     15 Black
10:30 am              13 Black                             10:30 am           15 Blue
13 Blue                                                           15 Molten
13 Molten                                                      14 Molten
12:00 noon          10 Black                             12:00 noon       14 Advantage
11 Black                                                         15 Advantage
11 Blue
1:30 pm                13 Advantage
12 Advantage

October 7, 2017 (16’s through 18’s)

9:00 am                18 Black
18 Blue
17 Black
10:30 am              17 Blue
16 Black
16 Blue
12:00 noon          16 Molten
17 Molten
16 Advantage



Check out the rest of the website for info on:
TAV Amarillo Tryout Registration
Preseason ASC Clinics
ASC Optional Clinics
Concussion Protocol Testing

Stephenville Clinic and Tryout Information

All Clinics and Tryouts will be held at Henderson Junior HS in Stephenville
$25.00 Tryout Fee

11-12-13's Tryout and Clinic Information 
9/24 Tryout from 4-6pm
Make up Tryout 10/1 & 10/8 4-6pm
Pre-Season Clinics 10/1 & 10/8 for those on teams 4-6pm
14-15's  Tryout and Clinic Information
9/24 Clinic from 4pm-6pm

Primary Tryout 10/1 from 4pm-6pm
Clinic and Make up Tryout 10/8 from 4pm-6pm
16-17-18's Tryouts and Clinics
9/24 and 10/1 Clinics from 4pm-6pm
Primary Tryout 10/8 from 4pm-6pm
Make up Tryout will be either later day or by appointment


We are all aware of how devastating the flooding has been in Houston and the Coast. Our TAV Houston family has been hit as well, currently the facility is surrounded by water and a lot of the parents have been flooded out of their homes.  We want to help and deliver baby supplies, towels, canned food, blankets, clothes, gift cards and almost anything the flood victims might need to get back on their feet.

Beginning Wednesday and continuing  next week we will be accepting items donated for our TAV Houston family.  Please bring any of the items mentioned to TAV and drop them off, we will be making a trip to Houston to drop off whatever we can to help.

Thanks and Prayers to the Houston Area!  John


October 14th and 15th
Amarillo College
Saturday Schedule                                  Sunday Schedule
10's-12's (1 - 3 pm)                                    10-12's  (1 - 3pm)
13's - 14's (3 - 5pm)                                   13's - 14's (3-5pm)
                                                                               15 - 18's (6-8pm)
$40.00 per athlete
To Pre register log on to:

Questions Call Ashley Davis (806-282-1643)


Pick up parent handouts at front desk if you missed Parent Meeting!



ASC Team Clinics will begin on September 10th for those players planning on playing at TAV this upcoming year!  The cost was included in your ASC clinic payments  but we would like for you to sign up to attend.  You can still walk up and take the clinic but for us to have the right number of coaches we need you to log on and register!  We will be working on technique as well as some positional training!

ASC Optional Clinics/Continued Evaluations Begin August 30th

Since school is starting we have moved the optional clinics open to anyone and continued evaluations to Wednesdays beginning August 30th and continuing until November 15th.  Cost will be $20.00 per session!

Good luck in the school season and we look forward to seeing you on at the Clinics.   John

The TAV Volleyball App is LIVE!

DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW.  We are starting to put in videos and some instructional videos from Ping Cao and LJ Sariego.  The TAV store will also be open shortly with some super specials!  To keep up with all the latest information on tryouts, teams, clinics and lessons download the TAV app as soon as possible.  The TAV Volleyball App is LIVE in the IPhone App Store (Android coming soon)! Want to download it? Click Here: TAV Volleyball App

TAV 2017-18 Coaches

OurTAV Evaluations will continue on Wednesdays until signing day for each age group.  Times will be 6-8pm and the cost will be $20.00 per player.  
Register Here:
18 Black - John Sample                    18 Blue - Jason McCown
     17 Black - Ping Cao                          17 Blue - Whitney Sample
    17 Molten - Sarah Black               
16 Black - Jason Nicholson
16 Blue - Nick Gay                             16 Molten - Tim Reimann

15 Black - LJ Sariego                     15 Blue - Larry Smith
15 Molten - Gregg Hoss                  14 Black - Joe Jablonski
14 Blue - Arthur and Kathy Stanfield
        14 Molten - Ranee Hoss            14 Advantage - Debbie Hanlan

13 Black - Corinne Atchison                 13 Blue - Kristi Hopkins
13 Molten - Jesse Weaver              12 Black - James Turk
        12 Blue - Scot Harmon                   12 Molten - Christi Phillips
          11 Black - Larry Smith                   11 Blue - Whitney Sample
10 Black - John Sample

TAV Forth Worth

12-1 Autumn Threet    13-1 Amber Pippen
14-1 Clint Plihal             15-1 James turk
          15-2 Kathy Goings         16-1 Jennifer Henderson




Concussion Testing for Baseline - All TAV players

ATTENTION TAV POTENTIAL  OR CURRENT PLAYERS:  Testing for concussion protocol is ready and is MANDATORY to be completed prior to teams being finalized for a cost of $5.00.  At TAV we are taking concussions very seriously and are endeavoring to make a safer environment for each player.  Every person completing the Concussion protocol will receive a $5.00 credit in their 2017 fees.  Testing is ready to begin immediately but must be purchased by parents for each player.  Below is the information to take the only on line test approved by the FDA.  There is also a list of FAQ's to help you through the process.  Our goal is to have each player completed by June 22, 2017 prior to Nationals.  If you have questions that aren't answered by the FAQ's please email me at!

Get you testing code HERE


VolleyTotz Registration

Volleytotz is currently over until mid to late August.  Please keep checking the website for the new season times and dates!

Please log on to for registration. 

Sessions are Friday night from 6pm to 7:15 at ASC facility, 2800 N I 35 East, Carrollton, Texas 75007




2017 GJNC Qualified Teams/Results

TAV 18 Black - 18 Open Silver Medalists

TAV 18 Blue - 29th in 18 American

TAV 17 Black - 17 Open National Champions

TAV 17 Blue - 17 USA Silver Medalists

TAV 16 Black -16 Open Silver Medalists

TAV 16 Blue - 22nd in 16 USA 

TAV 15 Black - 15 Open National Champions

TAV 15 Blue - 21st in 15 USA

TAV 14 Black  - 14 Open Silver Medalists

TAV 14 Blue - 18th in 14 USA

TAV 13 Black - 6th in 13 Open

TAV 13 Blue - 21st in 13 American

TAV 12 Black - 12 National Bronze Medalists

Congrats to the 2017 USA Volleyball #GJNC 17 Open Gold Medalists: #TAV17Black

Congrats to the 2017 USA Volleyball #GJNC 15 Open Gold Medalists: #TAV15Black

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