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TAV Beach FAQ’s
  • How long is the season ?
    Season runs from the beginning of May-end of July.

  • How many practices a week?
    There are 2 practices a week at each location. You can also attend other locations at no extra cost.

  • Can we go on Vacation?
    Yes. Just let us know when you are going to be leaving and returning. If you want to make up missed practices you can attend other locations.

  • Does my daughter have to wear bikini bottoms/bra top?
    It is recommended BUT we have tankini’s and bike shorts for the girls to wear.

  • Do I have to pay the entire fee up front?
    No, you can split the payment into 2 or make 3 monthly payments. Just talk to Christi.

  • Does your daughter need a partner to play?
    No. We will start pairing the new girls up late May. For the younger kids, we will make sure they play with different people so they start to learn how to adjust, what works, etc. If your daughter does have a partner in mind, all I ask is that we can makes switches if things don’t work out.

  • Who registers the girls for tournaments?
    Christi will register the girls.

  • Why don’t you have tryouts?
    This is a personal call of my own. In California everyone is allowed to play. Everyone should be allowed to try and play here too. Once we get started we will start dividing the girls by skill/experience.

  • Kid’s Playing at National’s or AAU’s?
    If your daughter is playing at Junior National’s or AAU’s please talk to Christi about pricing. We will be working with the indoor coaches and supporting our indoor side while get some sand practices in.
  • Make sure the girls have plenty of sunscreen on daily. Also, a hat or glasses is HIGHLY recommended for play.
  • Have bug spray around
  • Always bring water/gatorade to practice..
  • Foods/liquids to start stocking up on: Pickles/pickle juice, bananas, coconut water, pedialyte
  • Parents are not allowed to yell at kids during the match. That is the beauty of sand...the kids get to play in front of their parents in a stress free environment. Also parents can not tell kids to call time outs. They need to learn how to do that themselves.
  • Coaches CAN ONLY COACH in between plays (DEAD BALLS) and say around 5-8 words. We will not be coaching that way this year. We will coach the kids at time outs.
  • Kids REF & KEEP SCORE (we will help teach them)
  • Most locations for tournaments you will have to leave all food outside the facility (in your car or next to the entrance)
  • Parents might need to pay an entrance fee (girls usually do not)
  • Large Umbrellas, pop up tents (sometimes are not allowed but still great to have on hand), chairs are all great to have ready to go.
  • Shammys in a cooler (even left outside the actual playing facility) are great to have in ice


Other Helpful Info...
  • Winning is not everything
    Yes, a "W" is always nice to have but when you are starting out "W's" should not be what determines happiness! Goals for the tournaments should be: Did I make my serves? Did I communicate with my partner? Did I better my partner? Did I have fun on the sand?
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
    Hydration doesn't start on tournament day....it starts before! Remember to be drinking 3X the amount of water/electrolytes you normally drink. And parents...this goes for you too!
  • Sunscreen Application
    Apply 1 hour before, at the sand, and many more times after...
  • Eat Smart
    Pickles/pickle juice, bananas, coconut water, pedialyte are all great to have on hand. Also, STAY AWAY FROM CAFFEINE, CARBONATION, & SUGAR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.
  • Stay covered/in shade with not playing
    Umbrellas, sarong's, towels, hats, etc need to be on hand at tournaments. When ref'fing coverage is crucial. KEEP COOL!
  • Don't stop playing if your first few tournaments don't go the way YOU THINK they should go
    Winning will come...you can't get better if you win! And reminder that most first time players DO NOT win up front.
  • Parent's support your kids
    Remember you can't scream during a match or yell at the score keepers. It is up to the girls to talk. Also you can't call time out's! Again the girls need to do that! Be supportive of your daughter AND her teammate! And most importantly...RELAX and ENJOY!

My personal goal for every kid is to "Be that player everyone wants to play with"!! And most importantly....HAVE FUN!!

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