Texas Advantage Volleyball
Early Bird 2012

January 21-22, 2012

Play Format
1 v 3 2 refs
2 v 4 1 refs
1 v 4 3 refs
2 v 3 1 refs
3 v 4 2 refs
1 v 2 4 refs
Tentative Playing Sites:
18 Club Assault
17 Club Skyline
16 Club ASC
15 Club VIP
14 Club Assault
13 Club Skyline
12 Club ASC
updated 1/12/12

Teams Participating:

12 Open 13 Open
ACE Volleyball  12 Smack
Air Texas Volleyball  ATV 111
ASA Club Max 12 Elite
ASA Club Max 12U Select
Club Vertical 12 Black
Dallas Force VBC 12 Regional
Dallas Synergy 12 National
Excel Volleyball 11 Elite
Fort Smith Jrs  Fort Smith Juniors 12-1
LoneStar 11 Harden
LoneStar 12 Livingston
LoneStar 11 Windham
LoneStar 11 Jesberg
LoneStar 11 Wilson
LoneStar 12 Hanan
LoneStar 12 SMACK
Mad Frog 11's Select
Mad Frog 12's National Carlos
Mad Frog 12's Select
Skyline Juniors 12 RoShamBo Black
Skyline Juniors 12 Molten Plano
Skyline Juniors 12 RoShamBo Royal
Skyline Juniors 11 Elite Plano
Team North Texas 12 Anderson
TAV 12 Blue
TAV 11 Black
TAV 12 Black
TAV 12 Molten
TAV 11 Blue
TAV North 12 Black
Texas Titans VBC U12 National
VICTORY VBC 12 Elite Black
VICTORY VBC 11 Elite Black
Grapevine Volleyball Club 12 Club
Absolute Volleyball Club 13 RED
ACE Volleyball  13 Elite
ACE Volleyball  13 Smack Red
ACE Volleyball  13 Smack Black
Attack Volleyball Club Attack 13's Navy
Attack Volleyball Club Attack 13's White
Club Express 13U Black
Dallas Juniors VBC 13 Gold
Dallas Juniors VBC 13 National
Dallas Synergy 13 National
Excel Volleyball 13 Red National
Fort Smith Jrs  13 National
Integrity Volleyball Club 13 Club
Knights Volleyball Academy 13 Royal
LoneStar 13 Khastehdel
Madfrog 13's Elite SHEA
Skyline Juniors 13 Elite Bobby
Skyline Juniors 13 Elite Chelsea
Skyline Juniors 13 Molten Plano
Tejas 13 Rox
Tejas 13 National
TAV 13 Advantage
TAV 13 Molten
TAV North 13 Black
Texas Assault 13 Black
Texas Assault 13 Red
Texas Titans VBC U13 National
East Texas Juniors 13 Black
14 Open 15 Open
Absolute Volleyball Club 14 BLACK
ACE Volleyball  14 National Red
ACE Volleyball  14 Smack
ACE Volleyball  14 National Black
Attack 14's Navy
BlackHawks 14 Black National
BlackHawks 14 White
Club Legacy 14's National Blue
Conquerors 14 Red
Diamond Volleyball Club 14 Green
Ellis County Js VBC 14 National Black
Excel Volleyball 14 Red National
LoneStar 14 Willey
Mad Frog 14's Select
NITRO VBC 14 Elite Red
OK Peak Performance 14-2
OK Peak Performance 14 National Blue
One10 Volleyball 14 Mack
One10 Volleyball 14 Bryan
Skyline Juniors 14 Molten Frisco
Skyline Juniors 13 RoShamBo Royal
Skyline Juniors 14 Molten Plano
Team North Texas 14 Aces
TAV 14 National
TAV North 14 Black
TAV 14 Advantage
TAV 14 Club
Texas Assault 14 Black GQ
Texas Assault 14 Black CC
Texas Titans VBC U14 Elite
Texas Titans VBC U14 National
Wrecking Crew WC-14 BLACK
DFW Tornadoes 14 National purple
Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club 14-1 RED
Texas Image 14 National
ACE Volleyball  15 Smack
Air Texas Volleyball  ATV 151
Club Express 15U Black
Club Legacy 15s National White
Club Vertical 15 Black
Ellis County Jrs VBC 15 National Black
Ellis County Jrs VBC 15 National Blue
Excel Volleyball 15 Elite National
Instinct VBC 15 Ligers
Integrity Volleyball Club 15 Ltd Club 2
LoneStar 15 SMACK
Madfrog 15's Select
OK Peak Performance OP2 15-3 Elliot
Skyline Juniors 15 Elite Plano
Skyline Juniors 15 Molten Plano
Sportsplex Performance 15 Jello's
Sportsplex Volleyball Club 15 Elite
Team North Texas 15 Intensity
TAV 15 Club
Texas Assault 15 Red
Texas Titans VBC U15 National
Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club 15-1 RED
Grapevine VBC 15's Elite - Kameshia
Kufuzu 15's
Team Sportstars Big Time 15
Texas Image Tx. Image 15 National
White Oak Jr VBC 15
16 Open 17 Open
ACE Volleyball  16 Smack
Clay County Volleyball Assn 16 Black
Club Vertical 16 Black
Diamond Volleyball Club 16
NITRO VBC 16 Select
One10 Volleyball 16 Tracy
One10 Volleyball 16 Jeff
Skyline Juniors 16 Molten Plano
Slam Volleyball 16
TAV 16 Advantage
TAV 16 National
Texas Assault 16 Black Atwood
Tyler Juniors 16
360 Volleyball 16 Khaos
NRG VBC 16 Black
Sportsplex Performance 16 Tigers
Tejas Volleyball Club16 Red
Abilene Aces AHS-17
ACE Volleyball  17 Smack
Diamond Volleyball Club 17
Integrity Volleyball Club 17 Select
One10 Volleyball 17 Jennifer
One10 Volleyball 17 Marinda
Tejas Volleyball Club Tejas 17 National
Texas Assault 17 Black
Lake Country Jrs Volleyball  17 Black
Texas Image 17 Elite Forney
18 Open
900  18.1
ACE Volleyball  18 Smack
Club Vertical 18 Black
Impact Volleyball 18 HighLine
Slam Volleyball 18
Wrecking Crew WC-18 ELITE

Please Note:
*Facilities require admissions fees for tournaments.

  • Do not park in any lots other than the ones designated by ASC, towing may be enforced. Check the Directions page for current available parking.

  • Jr. and Jr. National certified officials will be provided for all matches. Each team must provide a certified second referee (coach), 3 scorekeepers (score flip, scorebook keeper and spotter for the libero) and 2 linesmen for assigned matches.
  • A training staff will be on duty throughout the tournament at Advantage Sports. Each team must provide their own supplies or purchase them from the trainer. If major injuries occur, it is crucial that each participant has complete medical insurance and carry with them the necessary information.
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