Texas Advantage Volleyball
June Madness 2012

June 16, 2012

Pool Schedule

Play Format
Unless otherwise noted
1 v 3 2 refs
2 v 4 1 refs
1 v 4 3 refs
2 v 3 1 refs
3 v 4 2 refs
1 v 2 4 refs

All pools at each site will start at 8am and conclude by 4pm

Sites: ASC, the new ACE, and Tejas.
All pools at each site will start at 8am and conclude by 4pm

Accepted Teams
12 Open
Site: Lamar High School
13 Open
Site: ACE
Mad Frog 12's National Carlos
Mad Frog 11's National
Tejas 12 Rox
 TAV 12 Black
Woodlands Wave 12 UA
Skyline Juniors 12 RoShamBo Royal
Tejas 13 Rox
TAV 13 Blue
TAV 13 Black
Texas Titans VBC U13 National
VICTORY VBC 13 Elite Black
Excel Volleyball 13 Elite
Skyline Juniors 13 RoShamBo Royal
14 Open
Site: Tejas
15 Open
Site: ACE
Mad Frog 14's National PC
 Mad Frog 13's National PC
Tejas 14 Rox 1
TAV 14 Blue
 TAV 14 Black
TAV North 14 Black
Texas Titans VBC U14 National
VICTORY VBC 14 Elite Black
VICTORY VBC 14 Elite Green
Knights Vball Academy 14 National - Shellz
Woodlands Wave 14 UA
Woodlands Wave 13 UA
Club Elements 14 Elements
Excel Volleyball 14 Elite
Instinct VBC 14 Leopards National
Skyline Juniors 14 RoShamBo Royal
Skyline Juniors 14 RoShamBo Black
Tx. Image 14 Mizuno La
ACE Volleyball  15 Smack
Mad Frog 15's National
Mad Frog 14's National Carlos
TAV 15 Molten
TAV 15 Blue
TAV 15 Black
Asics Willowbrook Volleyball 15 Red
Austin Performance Volleyball AP 15 PHD
Dallas Premier  15 Black
Instinct VBC 15 Cheetahs National
OK Peak Performance 15-1
Skyline Juniors 15 RoShamBo Black
Skyline Juniors 15 RoShamBo Royal
Tx. Image 15 Mizuno Doug
Tx. Image15 Mizuno Kristee
Royal Tigers 15 Royal
16 Open
Site: TAV
17/18 Open
Site: TAV
Tejas 16 National
Tejas 16 Rox
TAV 16 Black
TAV 16 Blue
Texas Titans VBC U16 National
Asics Willowbrook Volleyball 16 Red
NITRO VBC 16 Elite
Woodlands Wave 16 UA
Dallas Premier  16 Black
Skyline Juniors 16 RoShamBo Black
Skyline Juniors 16 RoShamBo Royal
Tx. Image 16 Mizuno Ray
Dallas Summit VBC 17 Mizuno
Mad Frog 17's National
OK Peak Performance 17-1
Tejas Volleyball Club Tejas 17 Rox
TAV 17 Black
TAV 17 Blue
TAV 17 Molten
TAV 18 Black
VICTORY VBC 18 Elite Black
Asics Willowbrook Volleyball 17 Red
Woodlands Wave 17 UA
Dallas Premier  17 Black
Excel Volleyball 17 Elite
Excel Volleyball 18 Elite
Excel Volleyball 17 Elite National
Instinct VBC 17 Tigers National
Instinct VBC 18 Lions National
Skyline Juniors 18 RoShamBo Black
Skyline Juniors 18 RoShamBo Royal
Skyline Juniors 17 RoShamBo Royal

Please Note:
*Facilities require admissions fees for tournaments.

  • Do not park in any lots other than the ones designated by ASC, towing may be enforced. Check the Directions page for current available parking.

  • Jr. and Jr. National certified officials will be provided for all matches. Each team must provide a certified second referee (coach), 3 scorekeepers (score flip, scorebook keeper and spotter for the libero) and 2 linesmen for assigned matches.
  • A training staff will be on duty throughout the tournament at Advantage Sports. Each team must provide their own supplies or purchase them from the trainer. If major injuries occur, it is crucial that each participant has complete medical insurance and carry with them the necessary information.
Make a Note...

**This event is NOT seeded. The schedule is final as posted 6/13/12.

In the event that a team drops before Thursday, we will post the updated schedule.


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