Texas Advantage Volleyball
Tour of Texas 2012

Hosted by Austin Jrs

Tour of Tx

Three Stops this year:
Qualifying Stop in San Antonio/Austin
Dallas Stop
Houston Stop

Austin/San Antonio Info
Dallas Stop Info
  • Feb. 11-12
  • Playing Sites: IAD and Frisco Field house
  • Court assignments - REVISED (Adjustments made for SAT testing)
  • Tour stop 1 in Dallas will have 16 teams in Division 1  consisting of the 12 prequalified teams and the top 4 teams from the non pre qualified teams at the Tour Qualifier.

Houston Stop Info

Please Note:
*Facilities require admissions fees for tournaments.

  • Do not park in any lots other than the ones designated by ASC, towing may be enforced. Check the Directions page for current available parking.

  • Jr. and Jr. National certified officials will be provided for all matches. Each team must provide a certified second referee (coach), 3 scorekeepers (score flip, scorebook keeper and spotter for the libero) and 2 linesmen for assigned matches.
  • A training staff will be on duty throughout the tournament at Advantage Sports. Each team must provide their own supplies or purchase them from the trainer. If major injuries occur, it is crucial that each participant has complete medical insurance and carry with them the necessary information.
Make a Note...

* Stop 2 RESULTS*
- Qualifier-

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